Setting up before getting started

Click on the drop-down menu on the top right corner.

Access "Settings"

You will find various features here that will help you to prepare the tool for a seamless operation.

Settings Menu

Let’s take a look at each section. Set up all the options and discover the possibilities that Talent Clue has to offer.


Learn how to create labels to organize and screen applicants by clicking here: how to create labels

Interview Notes

You will be able to create templates for the interview notes in order to manage the entire process. Click on the following article to learn more: interview notes

My web’s employment dashboard

An attractive dashboard is key to attract talent. This article explains how to customize yours: employment dashboard

Publication Channels

From here you will be able to manage all the passwords for the portals where you post your offers. Learn how to manage all passwords in:  "Posting Channels"

Applicant mailbox

With Talent Clue you have the option of getting a customized email address to upload the applicants to the database. Learn how here.

Applicant Message Templates

These templates help you to communicate applicants their application status.   It is a genuinely effective tool. Learn how to use it here: applicant message template.

Positions Display

There may be confidential positions or just information that you don’t want to show in your processes. Learn how to set up the positions display here: positions display.

Download Database

Download your database with a single click here.