Candidates Mailbox

To access “Candidates Mailbox" go to Settings.

Click on "Settings"

From here you will be able to set up an email account to upload applicants to the database directly.

Database email address

Send applicants to the database by email effortlessly. From your email, forward the applicants’ curriculum you wish to save in your database to the account provided by Talent Clue (i.e., [email protected]). You may name this email address any way you want. We recommend you use a name easy to remember.

You will receive in the database the applicants you upload to the system under “No name” by default. Don’t worry, because you will be able to edit their name whenever you want by clicking on the pencil icon.  

Editing the applicant information uploaded through email

When searching your database, the system will search by keywords in the applicant’s curriculum. Although applicants appear as “No name” in the system, searches will be effective.


The applicants uploaded to the database will receive an email requesting their consent to store their information. The applicant may opt to agree or not. If the applicant does not give his/her consent, you will receive an email informing you of their decision and you will need to go to the database, find the applicant, and remove them as established by law.