Publication Channels and Login Information

To access the “Publication Channels”, go to Settings.

Tutorial Video

In order to enjoy multiposting, enter the access keys to the portals where you wish to publish. Keep in mind that Talent Clue does not generate profiles in the portals, so you need to create a profile and credits in the sources which require it. From Talent Clue you will not be able to buy credits.

Login information (username and password)

Manage from here all usernames and passwords (login information). The portals in this section require access codes to publish. Some are free and others are not.

Login information pending validation

When you go to the login information page you will find that some distribution portals require you to validate your login information. For example, if we change the login for the LinkedIn Jobs channel, they will remain “pending validation” and a message will show indicating this.

Insert Login Information

There are multiple portals where you can publish. If you cannot find the one you are looking for, contact us and we will send it to you as soon as possible.

Customized Distribution Channels

Create a communication channel with those organizations to whom you usually mail your offers.  Click on “Manage”

Create a Customized Distribution Channel

To create this channels, click on “New”

Fill in the Fields

Name: Name of the channel (e.g. Professional Association of Dental Technicians)

Web sage: of the channel you are creating. This will provide you more information on the channel if you have created multiple ones

Description: brief description about its activities, location, etc.

Post email: enter the email where Talent Clue will send the offer

From email: enter your company’s email so the recipient may reply if needed

Logo: upload the channel’s logo to recognize it more easily once created

Contact name: enter the name of the person who will receive the offer via email

Contact phone: enter one phone number for the channel

Contact email: enter an email for the contact person for this channel. It does not need to match the “Recipient’s email”

Activation date: the date when you create this channel will show by default

Deactivation date: if you wish to stop using this channel, enter the date from which you do not want it to show as an active channel.  

At the bottom of the form you will find the box “This job board can be used by subsidiaries”. If checked, the channel you are creating will also be copied in your subsidiaries. If you have not set a subsidiary system in Talent Clue, there is no need to check it.

Edit a Customize Distribution Channel

To edit these channels, click on the pencil icon at the right.

Delete a Customized Distribution Channel

To delete these channels, click on the trash can icon on the right side of the channel.

To safeguard the publication history and source of the applications, only the unused distribution channels can be deleted.


If you have multiple Customized Distribution Channels, use the Filters for searches by clicking on “Filter”

Example of an offer generated by Talent Clue

The channel will receive an offer in .pdf format with the profile descriptions and instructions for the applicant’s registration. In addition, the pdf will also have a QR code so the applicant can take a picture of it with his smartphone in case the channel posts the offer in their bulletin board.