Edit your company’s profile

To edit your company’s profile, you must first access “My Company” menu.

Access the form

Fill in the fields

Website: write the company’s web address in this field.

Jobs Panel URL: this address will enable applicants to access your employment dashboard directly.

How to hide the company’s name

Hide your company’s name for confidential offers.

When you wish to post your processes in hidden mode (without showing your company’s name), we will show the applicant the information included by you in these fields.

The logo is certainly one of the main elements of a company’s image.  It will be seen by all your potential applicants and is an essential component of your employer branding.To add your logo, click on “Review” in the section designated for the logo.   We to add a clearly relevant image not to exceed 300X200px or the image might be distorted.

If you have any issue, please contact your design department or use online editing tools like Photoshop or similar.