Interview Notes

To access "Interview Notes", go to Settings

Click on "Manage"

Create a template for each profile you will recruit. This template will have the interview questions you will ask the applicant. Associate the template with the offer and you will be able to enter the answers to the personal interview. This information will remain stored in the applicant’s profile and allow you to check the interviews conducted by you or your coworkers with that applicant.  

Create Interview Notes

Click on “New” (top right), and a drop-down men will show, where you can create the question template.

Template form

Name the template (e.g. business profile  point of sales) and add a description if you deem it appropriate, to explain the purpose of this template. In the field “Text”, enter the question (e.g., Explain your experience in the business area”), and in the field “Type”, choose the size of the dialogue box where you will write your answers (“Text field: small field; “Text area: large field, and “Date: a calendar will display to choose a date).

Associate Templates with a Position

After creating the template, go to “Positions” and click on “Edit”.

At the end of the form you will find the field “Interview Notes”. Choose the one you just created and save the changes.

Go to the offer. In the folders “In progress” and “Finalist”, you will find the section “Interview Notes”. Enter and click on the pencil icon.

Example of Interview Note

The template will open with the questions and you will be able to complete your comments on the applicant. These templates can be edited and deleted according to your preference from “Settings”  “Interview Notes”.