Creating and Posting a Position

Create a position and post it with a single click and simultaneously in all your job portals and social networks.

Tutorial Video

Follow the steps of the tutorial video to create and publish a position with Talent Clue. You may also follow the reading documentation available below the video.  

Creating a Position

To start creating a position, go to “Positions” (1), then click on “New Position”(2) to Access the offer form.

If you don’t see the “New Position” button, this means you have exceeded the active positions contracted limit. You may close a position already covered to be able to publish a new one, or contract more positions.  

Double from another Position

You can create an offer from others previously created. This will allow you to double it and save time. All fields will autocomplete (including open and close questions), but you can still modify the ones you want.


Complete all fields. Fields marked with a red asterisk are required.


The “Language” field provides different languages to publish your offer. For example, if you choose “English”, all standard offer fields (sector, discipline, location, etc.) will be visible in English for the applicant.  You will have to enter the contents of the offer already translated to English.

Example of Position in English

When choosing “English” as the language option, all emails received by the applicant from Talent Clue will be in English. Click here to configure the applicant message templates in English.

In the field “Open positions”, enter the number of applicants needed for that position.


It's important to locate well the job offer.


Salary is not a required field; you may publish the offers without this information.

When publishing the offer in different portals, many will ask you to fill the “Salary” field. Talent Clue allows you to hide it so it is not visible to the applicant. If you publish with the salary and these portals request you to fill this field, don’t worry, it won’t be published.

Applicant Requisites

Please detail in this field the requisites for the applicant.

Killer Questions

Get to know your applicants better and ask questions. When they register for the offer they will have to answer them and you will be able to grade them according to their answers.  They may be questions with open or closed answers. You may create 4 open questions plus 4 closed questions. This will help you with the screening. If applicants are discarded by their scoring, they will be automatically sent to the “Discarded” folder, and if you have set it up, they will also receive an email notifying they have been discarded. In this specific case, to configure the message received by the applicant if discarded for a killer question, go to “Settings” - “Messages to applicants template” “Candidate discarded for KQ” template”. If activated, the applicant will receive this email within 24 hours of being discarded.

Internal codes

Keywords: you can assign keywords to the offer describing it in a simple and short way. For example, if you are looking for a web developer, the keywords would be “developer, web, PHP (if that is the technology you are looking for)”, etc.  

Label: label your offers according to, for example, what internal customer needs it (Legal, Production Department, etc.), what selectin technician is managing that process (Sergio, Ana, etc.). Labels will allow you to filter processes by concept at the time of following up. Click on Labels to learn more on how to set up multiple labels.

Interview Notes: associate the interview notes templates you create from Settings. This will allow you to homogenize the information and to make it accessible for all your partners.  The interview notes selector allows you to choose between the interviews notes templates set up so you can choose the one to use when managing the applicants for this offer.

*Offer also open for people with disabilities: by checking this option, Talent Clue will provide a series of specific portals for people with disabilities or special employment centers.

This position will not be disclosed: you may create an offer and label it as “non-disclosable”. This will block it from being published in any channel. This was designed for extremely confidential process so that they may not be disclosed from Talent Clue by mistake.

Registration Form: You may have multiple forms saved depending on your requirements. This is an additional feature for some our plans. If interested in this feature, please contact us to activate it.

Confidential Position: As the owner, you will be able to create fully confidential positions for your selection processes. No member of your team (not even the other owners or administrators) will be able to check your position unless you invite them. For more information on confidential positions, please click here.

*This option is in process of being modified

Reviewing the offer

After filling all the information in the offer and saving it, the system generates a “Preview” visible for both recruiters and applicants. This is a previous step before publishing that will enable you to verify that all information is accurate.  

Publish from "Positions"

Click on the top menu and go to “Positions”. Hover the mouse over the positions and click on “Publish” to publish the offers in the dissemination channels.

Publish within the Position

You may also access the page “Publish” from within the position. Click on the speaker icon on the tool bar in top right side to start publishing it.

Configure Display


It is very important, prior to publish your offer, to configure its display; that is, to choose the fields you want to be visible or not in your offer.

If you change the display of the offer once it has been published, these changes will not be reflected. Therefore, you would have to delete the offer and publish it again with the corresponding display changes.  

To avoid this issue,it is best to set up the display in the first place.

From the page “Publish” you can hide a series of fields so they are not visible for the applicants. Before publishing the offer, click on the black button “Configure Display”.

General Configuration

Hide the name of your company and/or the salary. These fields will not be visible for the applicant. Once checked, remember to save the changes.

IMPORTANT: some job portals require contracting and additional service to publish hidden offers.  If you have not hired this service, Talent Clue, will not be able to publish your blind offers.

"My Channels" Settings

You may hide these other filed in channels that are not employment portals which redirect the applicant to Talent Clue. You may hide these fields in the channels where the applicant gets to the offer by clicking on a link (which is usually the name of the offer).


Public URL

Use this link to publish offers in social networks not provided in Talent Clue or to email them to the applicants so they can access the description and register for the job position.

With the URL, you will also be able to publish in portals not yet integrated. Although you will have to publish in these other portals in the conventional way (manually), the advantage is that when applicants register for the offer, you will receive them directly at your process in Talent Clue.

Publish in multiple channels from the “Publish” page

There are multiple channels (job portals, universities, business schools, professional associations, etc.) in the column selected. Select those where you want to post and click on “Publish”. Some channels are free and others are not. Many of them require having an account with that portal, and in the ones you pay for, you must have available credit to post the offers. Prior to publishing, you must go to “Settings”- “Publication Channels”  “Login information” and enter the access codes for the portals you will use. You will only need to do this once.

What does "Use your credit" mean?

“Use your credit” means you need to have an available balance in each of the portals that require it.  

Talent Clue works as a “gateway” for posting and picking up applicants from these channels. From Talent Clue you will not be able to create accounts in the portals or purchase credit.  

Wrong login information

When publishing your offers in the channels, if there is an incident in any of them, you will get an email from Talent Clue stating the reason of the incident and how to solve it.

One of this incidents is “Wrong login information”. This happens when Talent Clue detects that the access codes entered for that portal are incorrect. Do you remember how to do it? Click here to go to “Settings”.

Current Status

Reposting: with the arrow icon, you may repost the offer in that channel. This option is very useful, for example, for positions that have been open for some time and might be forgotten in your Facebook wall. To do so, click on the round arrow icon (“Publish”) and the offer will appear again in the first positions of your Timeline.

Delete: with the "X" icon ("Delete"), you will be able to delete the offer from a specific channel and it will be automatically deleted in that channel.

File: Some of this portals allow you to file the offer from Talent Clue, and it will remain filed in this portal automatically.

Missing any portal?

If you are missing any portal, please contact us through our live chat so we can offer you the portal you need as soon as possible if it is in our hands.

Publish in “My channels"

From these icons you will be able to publish in your social networks: LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. The offer will be published as a link in your wall, and when applicants click on the link they will be redirected to the offer in Talent Clue. We will only ask you to enter Twitter access codes in Talent Clue. Go to "Settings" - "Dissemination Channels” - “Log in information”, clickhereto find out how to do it.


Click on this icon to publish in your LinkedIn account. LinkedIn gives you the option to post the offer in your wall, in your groups and/or between your contacts.

Access the LinkedIn publishing window

When you click on the icon, the system will redirect you to LinkedIn, were you will find the following options.

Text box: A text box is included in case you want to add any text to the offer.

References: If you wish to reference someone, simply enter their name followed by the symbol @ in the text box.

Sharing: LinkedIn gives you the option to share your post with your contacts or making it fully public so anybody can access it.  

Publishing in groups: Choose this option if you wish to publish your offer in your groups. Upon selecting it, a form will open prompting you to enter the name of the group and the title and details of your offer.  

Emailing your contacts: You may also mail the offer directly to specific people from your contacts. This option is very practical when you have in mind a particular applicant for your offer.  

Sharing in Twitter: To share your offer on Twitter from Linkedin, enter your text in the text box. Check the box and a pop-up window will display asking for your authorization to use your account. This is a common step when synchronizing multiple tools. This feature provides more visibility to your offer.  

Example of your offer in LinkedIn

Example of an offer published on the “Business” page.

My website

You will be able to publish in your web’s job board. See what happens when you click.

Have you set up your job board?

Talent Clue allows you to create a fully customized job board and post it on your web to provide more visibility for the applicants who visit your website. The tool will ask you if you have set it up, since your job board should be well designed before publishing. Click here to learn how to do it. If you already set it up, click on “Yes” or “Don’t ask again” and the offer will be published automatically.

If you would like to see how the offers of some of our clients look in their job boards, please click here.

Talent Clue can customize your job board with your corporate colors and fonts. For more information, please request it through the chat or email [email protected]


Your Facebook wall can become a place where applicants can get information on their active selection process. To post the offer in your wall, click on this icon. The social network will ask you to enter your username and password to access Facebook’s posting window.

Facebook posting window

Where to post: You may publish the job position in yours or a friend’s bio. It also allows you to post in one group or page administered by you, and to send the offer to a specific person through a direct and private message.

Public: You may choose the type of public who will have access to your offer, including but not limited to only a few friends or making it public. If you have contact lists, you may also post according to this criteria.    

Example of what your offer would look like in your Facebook wall

The following is an example of an offer posted in a Facebook wall.

Installing the job board in Facebook

If you wish to install the same job board you have in your web, click here to learn how.


To post your offers in your Twitter wall and schedule the tweets you want to post daily, simply follow these instructions:

Access the “Settings” Menu

Access "Login"

Once logged in, click on Twitter

In the Twitter menu, check the frequency of the tweets and their recurrence during the same day.

Example of an offer on Twitter

The following is an example of an offer posted on Twitter.


Click to publish in your intranet so your staff can view the current job openings of your company.

Setting up your Intranet

The system will ask you if you have set up your Intranet. If you already did, click on "Yes" and it will be published.

Your intranet job board is identical to the public job board in your web.

Private Channels

Private channels allow you to create a way of communicating with those organizations to whom you regularly mail your offers. You must first create the profile for the organization in order to send them the offers. Follow these instructions to create the organization in Talent Clue:

For more information on this option, click on this article and find out in greater detail how it works.

Once your offer is posted, you can manage the applicants from “Positions”

Your offer was posted. Now you can manage the offer. Click here to learn more.