Introduction to the Database

On the database of Talent Clue you will find all the applicants who participated in any of your processes, as well as those whom you uploaded manually. You may also make Boolean searches and intuitively manage the status of each applicant. To access the database, click on “Applicants”.

Regardless the language in which you publish the offer, applicants get to the same database you use for all applicants.


Filters (Top left) help you to screen or search applicants in the database. There are multiple fields to search by, such as by phone, ID or address. One of the advantage of the searcher is the ability to make Boolean searches.

Textbox: In this box you will be able to make Boolean searches by keywords separated by commas. If you want to search by specific words, this is the right place for you.

Name: If you are looking for a specific applicant and you remember his/her name, enter it in this field.

Labels: Labels are helpful to classify and organize your work. From this field you will be able to filter by labels previously created by you.  

Email: This is the right field to search applicants by email address.

Phone: This is a very useful field in case you have a lost call from an applicant and you don’t have his/her phone number saved.

Education: Simply enter the level of education you require for the position.

Residence: If you are looking for an applicant from a specific location, enter the geographic area here.


In the “Applicants” section there are multiple options to assist you with the right database management.

Edit, download, delete, edit a comment or add a label to your applicants

Applicants are organized by name, position, education, location and age. Each candidate has associated labels.

You will also be able to download their CV, edit their profile or delete them.  


These are very practical, since they will allow you to work with multiple applicants at the simultaneously. Simply check the applicants to which you want to apply any action by clicking on the selection box.

This will allow you to perform multiple actions with your applicants, such as adding them to a position, email them, etc.

For more information on Actions, click here.