Actions: edit applicants, download CVs, send emails, or delete them from the database

Talent Clue’s database allows you to perform multiple operations. We will now explore the different possibilities available.


All applicants that were once part of any of your processes are in the database. Select the ones you want to work with by checking the box next to their name. You may select multiple applicants at the same time.


"Actions" is very useful and allow you to work with multiple applicants at the same time. To apply an action to several users, check the selection box next to their name.

Add a position: If there are applicants in your database that are a right fit for a position, select them by clicking the selection box and choose the option “Add a position” in “Actions”  .  

Download CVs: You will surely want to download CVs. From the database you can download as many as you check.  

Send emails: You can send an email to multiple applicants and also customize them. If, for example, you want to include someone in a process and wish to let them know, just check the boxes next to the name those applicants.  Upon clicking you will have Access to a menu from which you can download pre-made templates or create any message you want.

Export XLS: If you wish to download the database, you can do it here.

Invite to an offer: You can invite applicants so they can apply directly to an offer.  

Label applicants: Now you can label all your applicants with a few clicks so you can quickly classify them.

For more information and to avoid confusions, click on this link explaining the differences between the actions add a position and invite to an offer. At first glance they may seem quite similar, but there are some aspects to take into consideration when using them.

Currently, multiple CVs cannot be printed at the same time. You can only download the CVs of the selected applicants up to a maximum of 25 per page.

Work with the applicants

Applicants are organized by name, position, education, location and age. Each applicant has labels associated that allow you to select them to apply Actions. You can also edit or delete applicants and add comments.

Download CVs

Click on the icon shown to download an applicant's CV.

Edit profile

Click on the icon shown to edit an applicant's personal profile.

Delete the applicant

To delete applicant's click on the trash can.

Enter comments

To view and enter comments on the applicant, use this icon.

Add or edit a label

Add one or more labels to the applicant of your interest and edit them at any time.