Creating a Process Report

With Talent Clue you will be able to make reports on one of your positions by using the following labels.

Go to the “Settings” menu to access “Labels”

First, you need to create a label. Go to “Settings”, then click on “Manage"

Create a "Position Label"

Create a "Position Label"

Type: Under type, choose "Position".

Associate the label to a position

After creating the label, associate to the process of your choice. To edit the position, move the mouse over it until the button “Edit” pops up.

Click on the "Label" field

After accessing the form for the position through “Edit”, click on the “Label” field to associate the label you created in previous steps, then click “Save”.

The label is now associated

If you access “Positions”, the “Report” label will appear next to its name.

Access "Reports"

Display filters

Find for your label

In the filters is the field designed for labels. Find yours.

Select the date

Determining the date is key for creating reports accurately.

Click on Filter to obtain the data


If you try to create a report with an open position, the system will not provide information on the talent sources. In order to process the data, this must be done with a closed position.