At Talent Clue we are building a tool that will help you connect with talent and boost your employer branding, for which an important factor is personalizing your communication with candidates.

Now you have the ability to create the subdomains with Talent Clue for your job offers and career panel.

What are subdomains? They are web pages that are different to your main domain that help you to organize the content of your webside. For example, if your webside is , you could have a subdomain focused exclusively on your offers, which would look something like , or

This way when you share your offers, they will always include the name of your company and the talent will be able to identify you right away.

How to create your subdomain

To create  subdomain, first you have to access your company settings in"My Company".

Now simpy click on "Edit Group"

When you are in your company's set up, you will see the field "Company Subdomain". That's where you'll enter your subdomain. You only need to fill in with the name of your company.

When you're finished, save the changes. Now go and check out one of your offers and see how perfect it looks with the name of your company in the link. You're ready to start sharing your positions and booting your employer branding!


And if that wasn't enough, when setting up your subdomain you can also personalize the email adress used to send automatic messages to candidates during the selection process. Customizing communication with talent improves their candidate experience, which not only has an impact on your power to attract talent, but also on the image that consumers have of your company.


Your candidates will recive your communications from an email adress that looks like this: [email protected]