Brainstorming Space

What is the Brainstorming Space?

The Brainstorming Space is the place where you can suggest improvments and share your ideas with us and the rest of Talent Clue clients.

Why is the Brainstorming Space important?

Talent Clue is built by all of us. We love to hear and receive your feedback, which is why we have created the Brainstorming Space. Here you can find all of the ideas that you and the other Talent Clue clients have contributed. If you participate, when evaluating new features to include in the tool, we will be able to evaluate your suggestions and ideas and consider using them to improve the tool...

It's very important that you propose ideas and vote on those that you find more interesting and useful; we will study the ideas that receive the most votes in ordrer to work on making them available to you and all other Talent Clue users.

If you already have an idea or suggestion,  don't hesitate to access the Brainstorming Space and share it.

How does the Brainstorming Space work?

How to share your idea

To share an idea, first click on "Share your idea".

Then a screen will appear like this one, where you can submit and discuss your idea. You will have to fill several fields, which we will explain below.

Describe your idea in a few words

In this field you can go into more detail and explain what your idea is for, how should work, etc. Filling it in is optional however we recommend doing so as it will help the other clients to better understand your idea and you will up your changes of being voted for. In addition, you have a box with options to modify the text to make it more attractive to readers, and you can also update files from your computer. Don't miss out on the chance to get people's attention and receive more votes!

Choose a category for the idea by clicking on the drop-down menu. You have the ability to choose from a predetermined category.

Write down your email adress to identify yourself, which we will also use to inform you of your idea's progress.

And lastly, click on "Share idea" to upload it to the Brainstorming Space

How to search for and view existing ideas

We have 3 ways of classifying ideas: "Recent", "Trending", "Popular".

  • Recent: are those ideas that, as the name suggests, have recently been posted in chronological order.
  • Trending: are those ideas with greater amount of interaction.
  • Popular: are the ideas with the most votes. This is where you want your ideas to be, at the very top of the most-voted list.

Once you have chosen the category you want to search for, you can then filter the ideas. We have two types of filters:

  1. Filters by status
  2. Filters by category

And as if that wasn't enough, we've added a search engine for when you want to look for one idea in particular. It'll be really easy for you to find it, since all you have to do is to write in the name or a keyword such as "email candidates"

Evaluation of ideas

As we mentionated earlier, our product team will consider incorporating the highest voted ideas from the Brainstorming Space into the planning of new features and improvments. This evaluation will take place every two weeks. So, try and make your suggestions extremely useful in order to win votes and possiby have your idea added to the road map. It's very important that you participate in the voting process so that we can learn about and meet your needs to the greatest extent possible.

How does the voting work?

To vote for anoter client's idea, all you have to do is click on the VOTE button:

You have one vote per idea, but you can vote for any ideas you find interesting and useful. Your vote is essential for growing this space, so we encourage you to vote and post any ideas and suggestions you may have. We want you to tell us all about your ideas so that we can continuously improve your tool in order to take your recruitment to another level.

Before posting, it's vital that you check if someone has already shared the same idea. That way we will be able to avoid repeated ideas and the votes will be concentrated in one idea, which will have a greater chance of winning.

Your profile in the Brainstorming Space

Like any respectable community, here you will have a user profile. In this profile you can add a photo and modify several details such as your name. We suggest that you personalize your profile, as in the eyes of other clients you will appear more credible when it comes time to vote. A gray avatar doesn't convey credibility, think about it!

That being said, what are you waiting  for to join in? Acces the Brainstorming Space and start sharing and voting.